Jan 2020
2020 Supplier Showcase
Shot Show
Las Vegas, Nevada
About General Manufacturing Company

General Manufacturing Company is a three-generation, family owned and operated, precision machining facility; established in 1958 as a Pittsburgh-based coal mine and steel mill repair/supply company.

Specializing in production runs of over 500 parts, our staff displays a passion for their work, which includes CNC muli-axis turning, CNC mill fabricating, assemblies and testing. Our emphasis on quality also includes our vendors, who provide various processes such as Heat Treating, CARC Painting and Plating, Anodize, Phosphate, Chrome and Zinc. We provide products from small machined replacement parts to complete field-ready subassemblies.

At GMC, we utilize both vertical and horizontal milling machines. With each type of machine having it’s own special use.

Using the technology of our multi axis lathes, we are not only able to do simple two axis turning, but have milling capabilities.

GMC specializes in marking anodized aluminum, stainless steel, steel, titanium, gold, silver, nickel.

To ensure that the products we are manufacturing are meeting the highest standards possible.


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General Manufacturing Company was nominated and awarded “National Prime Contractor of the Year 1990” by the United States Defense Department based on quality, expedited delivery and overall engineering efforts provided.


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